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New music loves – Slutterhouse!

The joys of being connected to the many social media networks offer opportunities to discover and learn about new things. I love discovering a new band or producer/DJ that creates music that moves me. During my 8 years in London, I spent a great deal of time pursuing my DJ career and have always had that affinity with music – a bond with the emotive power of music. So when I joined Twitter and discovered a cheeky add from Slutterhouse,  I moseyed on over to their website to check out their content. Slutterhouse is comprised of Rabih Mick Salloum and Nabil Saliba – “two very different personalities” according to their bio.  These artistically different musicians, who are originally from Beirut but now reside in glamorous Paris, have managed to create a unique, electro-pop sound that takes the genre into a darker, edgier side – and I love it. Their sound is fresh, raw and bursting with talent. Their lyrics are powerful, sometimes moody and emotional, sometimes laid back lounge – and offer an array of sounds without sounding too similar.

Their debut album ‘Made in Dance‘ was released in 2009 all over the Middle East. Their last album, a Remix EP of “Inside the Station” (released April 2010) features some tasty remixes of this popular track which has gained them worldwide recognition which will no doubt continue to grow. Fast forward to 2011, and the duo have already racked up an impressive list of gigs during 2010, as well as a number of prestigious mentions across the web.

My favourite track has to be the P. Toile (Berlin) Remix of ‘Inside the Station’ on the EP – head over to their website to check out the other audio samples if you haven’t already. Their new single “Bitter Green’ is due for release on their new album, and is already showing the promising signs of their unique sound evolving and maturing. No doubt we will be hearing a lot more from Slutterhouse in 2011 and the years to come!

You can follow Slutterhouse on Twitter @Slutterhouse – their regular Tweets make for interesting reading too.